MGallery Ambassador

Kristin Scott Thomas

Ambassador of the MGallery collection

Her job involves travelling extensively around the world. Sometimes she spends whole weeks away from home to make a film. So, in the hotels that she stays in, she especially want to find the intimacy and comfort she needs, and to give priority to places whose distinctiveness and character will make her stay an unforgettable one.

This is how she came to discover the charm and character of the hotels of the MGallery collection. Each hotel is unique with a story or feature of its own. The service is always friendly and attentive and makes you feel like you are a special guest. As an actress, she chooses roles that also take her outside herself, which allow her to embody characters sometimes further, sometimes closer to her, but always genuine characters which gives her insight into other life experiences. The hotels of the MGallery collection are like these characters. A collection of strong personalities and sharp, strong styling but still elegant, like invitations to discover the new and the unexpected.

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