Things to do in Sydney: Finding the best boutique hotel Sydney

Sydney is a vibrant city, to put it mildly. Things to do in Sydney encompass a wide range of activities — from enjoying the nature to fine dining to attending sports games. Before you can do either of that, however, you’ll need to find your “base”. Finding an appropriate boutique hotel Sydney certainly comes first, and even before that, you need to learn how to move about the city. 

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What to do in Sydney?

What to do in Sydney? Pretty much anything that comes to mind! The city is home to a number of bars, restaurants, famous and somewhat less pompous institutions, a cute zoo, some of the best pieces of street art and arts venues. Sydney is famous for its local communities, so gourmets will get to enjoy all kinds of international cuisine. Australia, in general, is well-known for its passion for sports, and Sydney is no exception to the rule. See a game at the Sydney Cricket Ground for the ultimate experience! Note that you will need to book your ticket well in advance, and your Accor hotel Sydney, too. 

As a rule, hotels are full during popular sports events, so bear that in mind if you are planning to visit Sydney during that time. Cricket games are hosted during the summer, and from autumn to September, there will be all kinds of rugby games. The latter are tremendously popular! Generally speaking, summer is the most buzzing season, although it would be only fair to add that there are numerous activities to enjoy throughout the year.

Sydney’s central business district is a great location; close to tourist attractions, pubs, restaurants and nightlife but also in the heart of the financial center of the country, you can’t find a better location! 

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Weather in Sydney

Summer lasts from December to February. Average temperatures range from 18.6 – 25.8°C (65.5 – 78.4°F), with the average humidity of 65%.

This is the perfect time to enjoy Sydney’s beaches, as water temperatures range from 21.9 – 23.7°C (71.4 – 74.7°F).

Autumn lasts from March to May. Average temperatures range from 14.6 – 22.2°C (58.3 – 72°F).

This is the best time to enjoy coastal walks and keep an eye on humpback whales, which migrate north starting May (to August).

Winter lasts from June to August. Average temperatures range from 8.8 – 17°C (47.8 – 62.6°F). Rainfalls are highest in June, and the coolest month is July (average daytime temperatures of 13°C (55°F).

Spring lasts from September to November. Average temperatures range from 11 – 23°C (51.8 – 73.4°F). 


Things to do in Sydney today

Things to do in Sydney today begin with getting to your boutique hotel Sydney! For all things to do in Sydney, begin only after a nice shower and a tasty meal. Where better to start your day than at a welcoming hotel?


Arriving at Kingsford Smith Airport

Sydney Airport, colloquially known as the Kingsford Smith Airport, is the only international airport in Sydney — for now. It is located in the suburb of Mascot, 8 km south of Sydney’s city centre. Various transport options are available on arrival: trains and buses travel to and from the Airport between 5am and midnight, 7 days a week. The train station is located under the airport terminals and bus stops – right outside the airport. Taxi ranks are to be found at both airport terminals.

Common transportation options


    • Public Transportation

To transfer to and from the Sydney International Airport, catch the T2 Airport train or the route 400 bus.

You will need an Opal card or Opal single ticket to use either. Using an Opal card is the most affordable way to travel in Sydney, by the way. You may get Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards and single trip tickets at any airport train station or purchase them from the bus driver.

Note that a station access fee is charged when you enter/exit the train station at the Sydney International Airport. It is deducted from your Opal card. The station access fee is always the same, but train fares are cheaper for an Opal card than for Opal single tickets.

The prices are as follows:

Adults – $13.80 (single use) with a weekly cap of $27.00;

Child/Youth Opal card or Opal single tickets – $12.40 with a weekly cap of $24.50.

A weekly cap is applied if you use an Opal card to travel by train from/to the Sydney Airport more than once a week.

Note: station access fees are not included in Opal daily and weekly travel caps. The fee is cheaper if you travel between other Airport Link train stations such as Mascot Station, Green Square Station, and Domestic and International Airport train stations.

Flat fees are charged as follows: $8.20 + train fare between an airport station and Green Square;

$5.60 + train fare between an airport station and Mascot Station;

$1.90 + train fare between Sydney Domestic Airport Station and Sydney International Airport Station.

The route 400 bus travels to Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney International Airport. The service operates between Bondi Junction and Burwood via Eastgardens (both directions).

Sydney International Airport is 13 minutes away from the city by train. Airport Link offers a fast transportation to the city and the suburbs, with trains running every 10 minutes. The train station is located at the northern end of the terminal. To use the service, you will need either an Opal card, Relay or WH Smith.


    • Transferring between Domestic and International airports

To transfer from the Domestic to the International airport, catch route 400 towards Burwood. To transfer from the International to the Domestic airport, catch route 400 towards Bondi Junction. The route 400 bus stop is located outside Terminal 3 — a walking distance from Terminal 2. Sydney passengers travelling with Qantas or Virgin are recommended to use their “seamless” transfer service between the two terminals. Check the details when booking your flights.


    • By car

Since Sydney International Airport is only 8km away from the CBD, driving takes ca. 25 minutes. The majority of routes to the airport carry the aeroplane symbol signs.


    • By rental car

Several car rental companies offer their services just outside Sydney International Airport. Look to rent a car at the arrivals level at the T1 International terminal. Car providers include Europcar, Budget, Avis, Hertz, Redspot and Thrifty.


    • By rideshare or taxi

Taxis and rideshare services are also available from the Sydney International Airport. Taxi ranks are to be found at the front of all terminals. For a rideshare, arrange with your appointed driver to meet you at the priority pick-up area. Approximate taxi charges (outside peak hours (AUD): $50 to the city, $65 to North Sydney, $105 to Manly, $135 to Parramatta and $115 to Liverpool. Additional tolls apply: $4.10 airport toll, bridge, tunnel and motorway tolls.


    • By bicycle

Bicycle racks are located around the T1 International terminal. Take a look at the T1 International Bike Rack Map for additional information.


    • By limousine

Limousine services can either be pre-arranged or reserved at the Royale Limousines reservation counter. It is located inside the Arrivals area of T1 International. Note that it is illegal in Sydney for drivers or their agents to approach you.


    • By Sydney Airport shuttle

Many a luxury hotel Sydney offers free shuttle bus transfers to and from the airport. Check this out while booking with the hotel, and also ask about their timetables. Shuttle services don’t necessarily meet every flight that comes in. Airport hotels charge a symbolic fare for their shuttle bus transfers. As for general shuttle services (non-hotel), these are mainly used for regional and suburban transport. They can be booked on the spot — visit the ground transport travel desks in T1 and T2 arrival halls.


    • Sydney to Canberra buses

Sydney to Canberra buses stop at the airport in the mornings. These must be booked in advance through either Murrays or Greyhound. Both service providers have similar prices and timetables.


Staying at the best boutique hotel Sydney — recommended things to do in Sydney


Sydney is an exciting city. You will find no difficulties finding many curious things to do in Sydney once having settled in your preferred boutique hotel Sydney. Because it is such a vibrant city, and is the capital of the country, there are unsurprisingly many options amongst the best boutique hotels Sydney. The Harbour Rocks Hotel beats them all, with award-winning staff, exceptional dining and an ideal location, all for a price that is fair. Finding “boutique hotels Sydney CBD” in a reasonable price range can be next to impossible; don’t stress about it. The Harbour Rocks Hotel is here to make your search easy. 

See our recommended activities, dining venues, places to visit and must-see attractions in Sydney in separate articles.


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