Pinpointing best restaurants Sydney CBD

Fine dining restaurants Sydney CBD are abundant, and all of them have their loyal clientele. It’s by no means an exaggeration. The CBD is the place to be in all seasons, with great many manifestations taking place there. Numerous spectacles and popular sightseeing spots are also scattered around, so it’s only to be expected that visitors would wish to have a bite or two while taking in the views.

Enjoy fine dining right next to Sydney Harbour at the Rocks Dining!


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Recommended Sydney CBD restaurants

We know how difficult detecting the finest Sydney CBD restaurants can get, especially if we keep in mind that tastes differ. To top it off, Sydney is home to numerous ethnic groups with their specific culinary tastes; dining choices sometimes really do get difficult. Well, we’ll do our best to guide you through the offer. Listed below you will find some of our favourite restaurant Sydney options.



Berta Restaurant

For one reason or another, many chefs find that the name “Berta” symbolizes good food. Normally we’d beg to differ, but in this case, it was nicely appointed. Berta Restaurant (17-19 Alberta St.) serves some of the finest Italian and seasonal dishes Sydney has to offer. An impressive selection of chefs has passed through the venue, leaving the menu richer than they found it.

The result is as stunning as is to be expected — from pastas to pizzas to fully vegetarian dishes — served with style and coupled with delicious wines. The best thing about Berta Restaurant is — their seasonal menu changes on a daily basis. Expect everything from seafood to fish to sardines to radish salad  — a good choice for all tastes!



Scarlett Restaurant

Scarlett Restaurant at Hotel Harbour Rocks (34 Harrington St.) has topped the list of tourists’ favourites for quite a while. Not only does it serve a delicious fare, but it is also affordable to boot. Set on the site of Sydney’s first hospital, Scarlett offers an insight into the impressive history of the city on top of serving finest cheeses and desserts.

Start with baked scallops with miso and caviar and proceed with duck Asiette or vegetable Tian for the best experience. Scarlett’s coconut and cinnamon pannacotta is one of the finest deserts we’ve tasted so far.



Bentley Restaurant and Bar

Bentley Restaurant and Bar (27 O’Connell St.) is located in the original Fairfax building, so more history is to be learnt there. It is run by two Australia’s household names: Chef Brent Savage and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt, famous for appreciating others enjoying their time. As if that wasn’t enough, the dishes served at Bentley’s are of exquisite quality.

Popular choices include roasted Eugowra quail with Pistachio and mandarin, wagyu skirt steak with charred onion and wood ear mushroom, and wagyu rump cap with charred cucumber, yoghurt and nigella.

Vegetarians will find a handsome selection to their taste, too. Some popular choices include salt baked celeriac with shiitake, yuzu with mandarin and parsley, and Jerusalem artichoke with yolk and burnt pear.

Finally, Bentley has an impressive selection of cheeses to showcase. Whatever your tastes, you simply can’t go wrong there.



Activities to enjoy before dining at best restaurants Sydney CBD

Best restaurants Sydney CBD aren’t going anywhere. Arranging your dinner ahead is fine and all, especially if you’re planning to visit a popular restaurant, but… the evening is well on its way and you have Sydney all to yourself. It would be a pity to spend the day looking high and low only for restaurants Sydney CBD. Here are some of our favourite Sydney activities to enjoy.  



See an outdoors movie

If you’re visiting Sydney in summer, make sure to see a movie outdoors. The St George OpenAir cinema (Mrs Macquaries Rd., Sydney) is just the place. The cinema is located at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and offers wine and food on top of movie projections. As an added experience, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are located just behind the screen (literally).  



Climb the Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge (3 Cumberland St., the Rocks) is a wonder from any angle. But, just looking at it doesn’t do it justice. Rather than just observing the bridge from a safe distance, wouldn’t you prefer climbing it? Perhaps you would, and you are not the only one thinking that way.

As an actual fact, hundreds of tourists do exactly that every day. The activity is generally considered to be factored into the “things to do before you die” list for many. This is not a cheap venture, mind you, with tickets priced at A$258-393 per adult and A$178-283 per child, but it is definitely a memorable experience. The climb takes up to three and a half hours and has 1,332 steps.



Ride a horse at Centennial Park

Centennial Park is another “place to see before you die”. Merely talking a walk there will brighten your day. For more adventurous souls, there is a variety of activities on hand. One of them is horse riding, courtesy of Eastside Riding Academy. Riding lessons for all ages and experience levels are offered.

Beginners are taken around the Park perimeter with a member of the Academy staff. It’s a majestic experience overall.


Visit Winifred Falls

Winifred Falls are being unjustly overlooked quite often. Far less popular than Wattamolla falls, but no less stunning, Winifred Falls are the perfect place to enjoy a tranquil afternoon in autumn/spring and some swimming in summer. They falls are located within the Royal National Park, a four-kilometre walk along the Winifred Falls Fire Trail.

Tip: if you wish to enjoy some alone time, visit the falls during the week or in late afternoon. Chances are, you’ll be all by yourself! Forget about the buzz of that luxury hotel Sydney — this is Zen in the true sense of the word.


Discover more unique restaurants Sydney CBD

See our other articles for more recommended restaurants Sydney CBD. The offer is rich and impossible to shortlist without some elaboration. One thing is certain, though: no matter your taste, Sydney will not fail you. Savour the bonanza of international cuisines!

Enjoy fine dining right next to Sydney Harbour at the Rocks Dining!


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