Circular Quay Accommodation – The Best Hotel, Plus a Few Things To Do


Formerly a working port, Circular Quay is now one of Sydney’s most popular tourism precincts. It’s also a heritage area, as well as an international passenger shipping port. Located near the Sydney Harbour bridge and Circular Quay, Harbour Rocks Hotel is a great option for a room. Circular Quay captures travellers from around the world due to it’s proximity to The Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens and Passenger Port.

There are also a lot of options if you’re wondering what you can do there. There is a extensive list of places you can visit, all of which have some kind of significance to Sydney, and they’re also excellent as tourist spots.


Accommodation in Circular Quay

Since Circular Quay is on the edge of Sydney’s central business district, there are a lot of places around it worth visiting. Searching for great accommodation in Circular Quay Sydney? With our excellent location, you are close to the majority of places all tourists can’t wait to explore once they arrive in this lovely city. 

Once you’ve found your hotel near Circular Quay Sydney, it’s time to plan your activities. After all, having great accommodation doesn’t mean you should spend all of your days in your room! Walk to some of the tourist attractions you wanted to see for so long and take thousands of pictures. After all, Sydney is one photogenic gem!

When talking about Harbour Rocks Hotel, you will be impressed by its great location, but more importantly, our hotel is a cosy place with excellent service offered to all of our guests. Once you check in, you’ll understand what makes our hotel the best accommodation in Sydney Circular Quay. You’ll just want to go back over and over again!


Discover Unique Dining Concepts in Circular Quay

There’s one thing that stands true for Sydney, and that’s the fact that it’s a hub of incredibly delicious cuisines that come from all over the world. Circular Quay, as an area, is no exception to this rule. You will find a host of outdoor places to eat along the waterfront. You can choose anything from local treats, to international foods that are made really, really well.

If you go to the east, you’ll be treated to a vast array of open-air restaurants. This continues to the stunning Opera House, and even beyond, making it a perfect place to grab a bite without letting the city’s famous places out of your sight. 

Explore the Culture

Similarly to some of the other neighbourhoods in Sydney, there’s a very creative, and oftentimes fascinating cultural scene in Sydney. Due to the fact that it’s located just between the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s a central location for many of the community celebrations in the city.

Our top picks to discover some of Sydney’s art and culture is to visit Customs House and the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay. Customs House, includes the City of Sydney Library and is the ideal spot to learn more about Sydney’s heritage. For art lovers, the Museum of Contemporary Art offers a large selection of art works popular with Sydney locals and travellers alike. All of these located very close to our  Circular Quay accommodation at the Harbour Rocks Hotel.




Enjoy a stroll  in the Royal Botanical Gardens

For plant and botanic lovers, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney offers free entry to an oasis of 30 hectares in the heart of Sydney. Heritage listed with plenty to see, don’t miss out on this gem close to the Opera House in Circular Quay,

As a gem near Sydney CBD, you’ll see locals on their morning walk or enjoying some time under the sun. Located in The Royal Botanic Gardens is the Governor House, another must see for travellers. The Governor House is a heritage listed vice-regal residence of the Governor of NSW and has been opened since 1845.


Take a Boat Ride and Enjoy the View

If you’d like to experience a different view and gaze at the beauty of Circular Quay, a boat ride is your best choice.Choose from a range of tours from short rides to longer tours where you can learn more about the indigenous culture and heritage of the Australian land. This is the perfect options for history lovers and everyone else who is interested in learning about the history of this area. If you opt for this tour, you will hear so much about the daily lives of their ancestors and learn more about their everyday lives in the present.

On the other hand, if you would prefer a more thrilling ride, the thunder jet boat will whiz you through the harbour. With over 800 horsepower, this is an exceptional experience that will guarantee a few screams here and there. 

Book a great Circular Quay accommodation in The Rocks Sydney to enjoy the unique sights that Sydney has to offer.