HRH Private Dining Room - Sydney Hotel

The private dining room is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding in the rocks, the privacy of this room allows you to share this special day with your loved ones and cherish the memories that are created.

Private dining rooms Sydney aren't difficult to come by. Private dining rooms that also come at a reasonable price? Now that can be difficult to find. The Harbour Rocks Hotel offers competitive and fair priced private dining rooms Sydney for all of your private event space needs. Enjoy hands-on staff that will help accommodate your every need, both before, during and even after the event.

The private event space is one of the most up-scale and up-dated in Sydney. Dedicated to providing an experience you will love, The Harbour Rocks Hotel will far exceed your expectations.

If you have a special occasion and require a private space to dine & celebrate, then our Private Dining Room is perfect. Seating up to 14 people, we can make your private dining experience a meal to remember. Bold sandstone walls, and ambient lighting make this private room the ideal place to entertain your VIP guests. We can create a menu specifically for you. Let your imagination go wild.

For enquiries and reservations please contact our friendly Restaurant team on +61 2 8220 9999 or