**Please note as of the 16th of July 2018 Scarlett Restaurant will be permanently closed. During this time we will be undergoing renovations for our new restaurant which is expected to open in early October 2018**






Just starting out your day? Try Creperie Suzette for a luxurious cup of coffee and authentic French pastries or crepes. They offer seven sweet and seven savory crepes, enough to please even the pickiest palette.





The Rocks restaurant in Sydney is getting a brand new look

The Rocks restaurant in Sydney has a longstanding tradition of excellence on the modern cuisine scene in the city. Travellers from all around the world and frequent guests of the Harbour Rocks Hotel have praised the fare marvels they tasted in the Scarlett restaurant, giving them a 5-star rating for the tantalising way the food was served on their plate.

However, as with everything else, the time for upgrading and redesigning Sydney’s Rocks restaurant has come. The end goal of this makeover is to reshape the restaurant’s brand and make it better for the pleasure of our guests. Right now, the Scarlett restaurant is closed for renovation, but it will be up and running in few months with a new name and an original chic menu!

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In the meantime, we have you covered with the sumptuous and appetising continental breakfast served at Eric’s Bar, where you can enjoy the intimate atmosphere and the unique artwork painted on the historic walls.


If, however, you prefer the excellent French cuisine, then you can stop by Creperie Suzette, which is right next door and try the hot crepes and tasty galettes served during the day. One of the delights everyone raves about when they first visit the French Creperie is the high-quality coffee made from the finest roasted coffee beans.



The restyling of the Rock restaurant

The Rock restaurant is a place where cultures and new vibrant food styles meet on the plate, and you, as a guest, get to enjoy the delicious mix of locally sourced food and exotic species. The new menu planned for the big opening will reflect this organic, rich and healthy fare even more. The renovation of the Rocks restaurant in Sydney will not happen only in the structure of the building, but also in the way the food is prepared and delivered to you. You will get to try new flavours and dishes made by the hands of our experienced chefs.

The Rocks Sydney restaurant is built in one of the well-known historical buildings in the CBD area, the old Evan’s Store, which was a frequent stop for merchants all over the city and the surrounding region. By 1973, Harrington Street became “the spot” for artists and a vibrant expression of the bohemian lifestyle, which added another layer of uniqueness and charm to the place. The restaurants in the Rocks in Sydney have this all-time quality to them because of this rich history, and this is the tradition the restaurant was built on.

When the Scarlett was first opened, the style and the architecture of the past were the main inspiration for its look, and now, after many years of successful working, it’s time for improvement and change. The renovation will still incorporate all of the best historical features of the building, but it will also be a breeze of fresh air to reach a higher level of sophistication with the renovation. Novelty is always a good thing when it's built upon a thriving tradition!

As a guest, you will be able to enjoy the brand-new background and the mouthwatering dishes of the Rocks restaurant in early October 2018, when the grand opening is scheduled.



The Rocks will be on the list of best Sydney’s romantic restaurants

The Scarlett was a romantic restaurant in Sydney, which had a sparkling reputation for intimacy for couples. With the renovation, the Rocks is upping its game, and it’s reaching for the title as one of the best Sydney’s romantic restaurants. The friendliness of the staff, the fare from our chefs and the dreamy, starry-eyed scenery will be in the focus of the redesign.

The Rocks restaurant in Sydney is going to become the primary place for a romantic dinner for two. Located in the Harbour Rocks Hotel in the central area of the CBD, with the Sydney Opera House a few minutes away, the new restaurant has an enormous potential for excellence. You should pencil in the date of the opening and see it for yourself!

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