Harbour Rocks Hotel – Boutique Harbour Side Hotel in The Rocks Sydney


The next time you’re in Sydney, stay at the Harbour Rocks Boutique Hotel, an Accor member and M gallery by Sofitel exclusive accommodation. The rocks hotel options span many different possibilities; make your selection easy and stay at the Harbour Rocks Hotel for the best service, dining, location and comfort anywhere in the Rocks region. Book online to secure the room you want, when you want it, today!


The Rocks District


The rocks district in downtown Sydney is one of the most sought after, unique places to stay in all of Sydney. Located close to popular tourist destinations and housing some of the best dining and entertainment areas within the city, a stay in the Rocks district will make your time in Sydney totally unique. The rocks hotel offerings include everything from entire apartments to large hotel chains and small luxury hotels.


A historic district, the Rocks maintains some of it’s original infrastructure and buildings, giving you a homey, authentic look at the Sydney of the past. Located adjacent to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and across the bay from The Sydney Opera House, it is a great area for tourists to relax and unwind in-between visiting some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. Ample restaurants and open space encourage this.


Because the district is so well-known as a historic area, culture is abundant and thriving in The Rocks region. Home to many cultural festivals, live music events and arts galleries, it is a great place to take home a piece of Sydney and absorb the artistry that makes Sydney famous. The Rocks Markets, open weekends, contain open air booths overflowing with homemade pieces of art, clothing and practical things for the home. Food in The Rocks is abundant and varied; a mix of fine dining, food trucks and casual restaurants litter the area, offering tastes from around the world from some of Australia’s most well respected chefs.


There is something for everyone in The Rocks, which is why The Harbour Rocks Hotel is such a great location for anyone coming through Sydney.




Accommodation for Anyone


Many searching “Hotel the rocks” may have a certain type of accommodation in mind for their stay in the beautiful Rocks region. The great thing about The Harbour Rocks Hotel is its incorporation of many types of accommodation into one unique hotel.


Whether you need accommodation that suits children, is for a romantic evening with your partner or is suitable for large groups, The Harbour Rocks can fit those needs. With a number of different options of rooms, there is truly something for everyone.


  • Heritage Room: A Heritage Room is the most standard form of room you can book but is anything but standard. Each Heritage Room is complete with a queen-sized bed, ensuite bathroom and all of the state-of-the-art facilities you typically except from a luxury room including high-speed internet, A/C and a mini bar setup.
  • Heritage Superior Room: A Heritage Superior Room offers the same amenities of the Heritage Room with the addition of more space. Heritage Superior Rooms also generally offer unique touches such as a sitting area, an ornamental fireplace and/or are actually the original worker’s cottages dating back to the mid 18 hundreds
  • Heritage Deluxe Room: Heritage Deluxe Rooms really let you feel at home, offering even more space, a King-sized bed, double sofa bed and a modern, open design plan.
  • Studio Suite: The Studio Suite option gives you the choice of a king-sized bed or two single king-sized beds with an ensuite bathroom and even more space to make yourself at home. A lounge separate from the bedroom area provides a double sofa bed and area to entertain or house additional guests.
  • Harbour View Suite: The Harbour View Suite is by far the most luxurious options at the Harbour Rocks Hotel. Those searching “Hotel the rocks” for a full apartment option that also like the idea of having a hotel staff available to you should book this Harbour View Suite room. The self-contained room overlooks the stunning Sydney Harbour from it’s rooftop terrace. With a king-sized bedroom, double-sofa bed, deluxe bathroom with walk in and rain-shower and both indoor and outdoor lounge area, it doesn’t get more luxurious than the Harbour View Suite. Book today to secure this one-of-a-kind room at your preferred date!




Business or Pleasure, The Harbour Rocks Delivers


The rocks accommodation is a particularly unique location as it is close to Sydney’s central business district and the majority of the most popular tourist sights the city offers. This makes the hotel ideal for tourists but also for those staying with us for business.


Hotels in the rocks offer many options for businessmen that are close to the central business district but not all of them offer the business friendly amenities that the Harbour Rocks does. Each room contains a work desk with ample space to get last minute or late night work done. The lobby accommodates the businessman/businesswoman with several dining options to host clients or post-work drinks and a private dining room available to rent out makes sealing the deal easy.


Hotels in the rocks should all offer these amenities; the reality is they do not. Booking with The Harbour Rocks Hotel ensures you comfort and accessibility to everything work related as well as award-winning service to ensure you make the most of your leisure time as well. Book with the Harbour Rocks Hotel for your next business trip through Sydney and feel simultaneously at home and on vacation instead of overwhelmed with work.



Your New Favourite Sydney Hotel


Sofitel and M Gallery by Sofitel hotels have a reputation for being top-of-the-line luxury accommodations; The Harbour Rocks Hotel is no exception. Book in any one of the many room types, at any season and be guaranteed a luxury experience with undeniably great service. The rocks hotel is an exceptional choice for your next trip to Sydney, whatever your reason for visiting.


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