For The Best Hotels Near The Rocks Sydney, Choose Harbour Rocks Hotel

What makes a hotel the best? There are several factors to be considered in order to make an informed decision. Although a lot of those factors vary person-to-person, it is generally agreed that some of the factors essential to making a hotel the best are: impeccable, award-winning customer service, excellent dining options, an ideal location and clean, comfortable rooms. Harbour Rocks Hotel secures the spot as one of, if not THE, best hotels near The Rocks Sydney.


What are your favourite parts about visiting a new city? What are your favourite parts about visiting Sydney?


Is there anything that makes you nervous when you embark on a new adventure?


Below are some of the ways you can be prepared to experience a new city to it’s fullest extent.


Once you feel more confident to book your trip, browse the online galleries, onsite menus and rooms at the Harbour Rocks Hotel to get your trip secured today



First, What Are Your Favourite Parts About Sydney? About Traveling?


Many people’s favourite parts of traveling is simply experiencing a new city and/or country. If that sounds like you but you feel slightly overwhelmed about that process, there are things you can do to feel better prepared and be excited, rather than nervous for your next trip.


Here are just some of the best things to keep in mind when traveling to Sydney, or any city, for the first time.


  1. Take public transportation:


Taking public transportation can be daunting; a whole new system and maybe even currency make it unfamiliar and often difficult to navigate. Just because it is unfamiliar, though, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Public transportation is the best way to get a feel for the people and the attitude of a new city as quickly as possible. Plus, being forced to figure out the routes will help you understand the layout, neighborhoods and infrastructure of the city.

Public transportation is also, more often than not, the mot affordable way to get around any city. It is even a great option for crossing borders between countries and territories, typically by train.


HABOUR ROCKS TIP: Harbour Rocks Hotel is a short walk to trains and busses to take you nearly everywhere you want to explore in Sydney. There are no other hotels near the rocks Sydney that offer as an ideal location within the city.


  1. Explore local art:


Viewing and understanding local artwork is one of the best ways to get to know a new city. A city’s artists are an essential piece of that place’s identity and culture. Explore art galleries, take a tour of sculptures and street art or visit art and craft fairs to get the most complete view of the city’s artistic community.

Taking a piece of art home from a new place is one of the best souvenirs; instead of taking home a gimmicky t-shirt or something that will only be used once, a piece of artwork can last a lifetime and will transport you to that city every time you see it.


HARBOUR ROCKS TIP: Harbour Rocks Hotel is in The Rocks district, a neighborhood of Sydney known for its art, history and culture. There are several local artists that make homes in art galleries spread throughout The Rocks District as well as frequent art markets that pop up each week. Walk from the Harbour Rocks to the center of The Rocks District and get to know the capital of Australia through the eyes and minds of the artists that call it home.


  1. Talk with locals:


The best way to get to know a city is to talk to and get recommendations from locals that aren’t simply passing through, but know the hidden gems and local secrets. Whether this is talking to artists you meet or the people you run into on public transportation, meeting locals can give you a perspective on the city that no guidebooks can. It can be helpful to ask locals for tips on: places to eat, bars to get a drink, neighborhoods to explore, how to use public transportation and even the best places to, say, see the sunset or watch surfers catch waves.


HABOUR ROCKS TIP: Locals near any of the rocks accommodation are generally interested in helping make your experience in Sydney exceptional; since The Rocks District is popular amongst tourists and locals, it is particularly useful to talk to locals nearby the Harbour Rocks Hotel and other neighboring Rocks accommodations.




There is no better way to get to know a city than to try the local dishes that are popular there. The identity of a city is often defined by the traditional foods that make it up. For example, colorful, energetic countries and cities tend to have vibrant, spicy food to reflect that atmosphere; think Barcelona or Rio de Janeiro. In comparison, luxurious, classic cities have food with rich ingredients and traditional cooking techniques; think Rome or Paris. While you can certainly get meals in fancy restaurants that are equivalent to authentic local food, the most authentic food will be found on the streets or in local favourite’s spots. This is where talking to locals for recommendations come in again.

You may be scared to try local food for a fear of getting food poisoning and spending precious days of your trip unable to explore. Being a good mix of cautious and curious is essential to maintaining good health. Look for places that are crowded by both locals and tourists, keep an eye out for less-than-standard cleaning practices and, when in doubt, don’t drink the water or a beverage with ice in it.


HARBOUR ROCKS TIP: Sydney’s food identity is diverse and unique. There are many options for both vegetarians and meat eaters, those that like to indulge and those that prefer a lighter, healthier option. One of the best parts of Sydney’s food scene is it’s multicultural nature. Indulge in food from all around the world steps from the Harbour Rocks Hotel in Sydney’s Rocks District. The Rocks boasts fine dining, fast-food, food fairs and more, with local and international dishes. Explore all the possibilities a short walk from your room at the Harbour Rocks Hotel.





  1. Take home a unique souvenir:


As stated in part 1, art is one of the best souvenirs to take home for yourself or for your friends and family. Sydney is a great place to take home a variety of other interesting, unique souvenirs as well. Consider bringing home a handmade piece of jewelry, a painting, an item of clothing or leather good or even some kind of preserved food. In Italy, it would make sense to take home some dried pasta or herbs. In Indonesia, one might want to take home a wood carving or traditional batik sarong. In Sydney, taking home a piece or artwork or jewelry would capture the culture of the city, last a lifetime and remind you of those first few days when the city was completely new to you.


HARBOUR ROCKS TIP: Any of this shopping can be done just moments from the Harbour Rocks Hotel in The Rocks District of downtown Sydney. The Rocks District is home to artist galleries, shops overflowing with handmade jewelry and other accessories that are not just unique but functional.


  1. Get lost:


Perhaps one of the best ways to get to know a city, closely tied with taking public transportation and speaking to locals, is getting lost while you explore. Instead of planning your day down to the minute and packing in tons of activities, try to schedule only a few things and spend your remaining free time exploring unfamiliar areas. The most authentic areas of a city are the ones that aren’t always in guidebooks or don’t have clearly defined streets and attractions. Particularly if a city is new to you, it is important to explore multiple ways of getting somewhere, even if it is not always the most direct.


HARBOUR ROCKS TIP: Harbour Rocks staff are always nearby and ready to accommodate your needs. While Sydney is an easy city to navigate, if you let yourself get a little too lost, just give us a call and we can help you find your way back to us. Harbour Rocks Hotel staff knows Sydney well; even if you don’t know where you are, they will. Let the Harbour Rocks Staff send you a car or send you in the right direction, no questions asked!


  1. Pack essentials:


In order to be prepared for your day, pack some of the essentials in a bag or backpack so you can stay out as long as your energy allows. Make sure to bring: plenty of water, an energizing snack like nuts or nutritious bars, a map or a charged phone with GPS, sunscreen and sungalsses or bug spray (depending on your destination, maybe both), a camera for recording your favorite moments, plenty of money and the name and address of your hotel/accommodation in case your phone dies or you get really lost.

Other things that may be smart to take along are a portable charger, a notebook and pen for recording your first impressions or names of places you don’t want to forget or a swimsuit and dry clothes. You may also want to bring an extra layer for warmth or rain protection.


HARBOUR ROCKS TIP: In Sydney, bringing water cannot be overstated since the hot midday sun can be dehydrating, especially when you’re walking all day. Also consider bringing a hat and / or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Bring more cash than you may normally bring in another new city; Sydney and Australia in general tend to be expensive to explore.



Hotels Near The Rocks District Help You Feel At Ease


Any new city can feel overwhelming when you first arrive, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it! At the Harbour Rocks Hotel, enjoy the simultaneous feelings of the comforts of home and the rush of being in a new place when you stay in the Rocks District. Many hotels near the Rocks District deliver on location and maybe even on price but few, if any, can match the service and quality of the Harbour Rocks.


See for yourself; browse the hotel’s gallery of photos from the rooms, facilities and dining locations now.


The Rocks District is a special location in Sydney because it is central within the city, close to many of the major tourist attractions and walk-able. It is also unique because it allows you to experience a side of Sydney that many do not get to, delving deep into the culture and history of Austrlia’s capital city. Australia is famous for it’s beautiful beaches and people, it’s great weather and the many animals found in Australia that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Australia is also famous for it being a settling place for many Europeans in the 1700’s.


What is the best way to explore Australia’s founding and history? Take a walk through The Rocks District and learn all the ways that the city has evolved and improved since it’s founding. Glimpse into the Sydney of the past by walking amongst well-preserved architecture and streets. Get to know the history of the city’s artists and chefs, eventually earning it a well-deserved spot as Australia’s culinary city and cultural hub.


Discover the real Sydney when you stay at the Harbour Rocks Hotel beating all other hotels near the rocks Sydney. Eat, shop and adventure like a local with the added benefits of being surrounded by a historic neighborhood well-preserved in time.


Come stay at Harbour Rocks for these reasons, stay for the amazing staff, around-the-clock dining options (in and out of the hotel) and the comforts of home in each and every room. Accommodations vary from basic to a luxurious suite with sprawling views of the famous Sydney Harbour.


Book your next trip through Sydney at the Harbour Rocks Hotels and we promise you’ll return again and again!