Sydney Harbour Bridge Lookout

Just a short walk from The Harbour Rocks Hotel you can experience fabulous Sydney Harbour views …

405Mr JJC Bradfield realised the dream of crossing Sydney Harbour when he steered the Sydney Harbour Bridge to its completion in March 1932. The exhibition ‘Proud Arch’ tells the story of his achievement and is located in the South East Pylon on the Harbour Bridge under the Sydney Harbour Bridge Lookout. It celebrates Bradfield’s wider vision for Sydney, the men who built the Bridge and the people who documented their amazing feats.

You will find out how they constructed the world’s greatest arch bridge, relive the magic of the opening celebration and enjoy Sydney’s panoramic views. The Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout is accessible via the Bridge road deck pedestrian pathway.

From The Harbour Rocks Hotel, take the Argyle Stairs then the Cumberland Street stairway to access the Bridge pedestrian pathway. Climb just 200 steps to the very top of the Pylon, and there it is… Spectacular panoramic views of the city of Sydney.

You can find out how the Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed, the stories behind the opening celebration and more as you walk up through three levels of exhibits, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon open-air lookout.

ADMISSION: $9.50 general admin, $6.50 Seniors, $4 Children 8-12 yrs, FREE children under 7