Guide to Sydney

Discover Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and home of the famous worldly attraction, the Sydney Opera House. Get to know the city from your location on the Rocks – Harbour Rocks Hotel




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The flickering lights of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are reasons enough for you to come to this magical city, which is an epitome of elegance and lively culture.
If your goal is to experience the finest that Australia has to offer, come to Sydney!

#1 – Sydney Opera House – Even looked upon from afar the Sydney Opera House is an architectural wonder, and one of the most famous and recognised buildings in modern history. If you have the time, you should catch a show at this multi-venue performing arts centre.

#2 – Sydney Harbour Bridge – It was opened on March 19, 1932, after eight years five months and 22 days of committed construction. Today the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a symbol of the city, and it features one of the most exciting tours in Sydney – the Bridge Climb Tour.

#3 – Taronga Zoo Sydney – The doors of the Taronga Zoo opened in the distant 1916, and since then people come to see over 4000 animals from over 350 species spread across 28 hectares of land. In the Zoo, you can see Australia “signature” animals like the koala, the red-tailed phascogale, the black-breasted buttonquail, the kangaroo and so many more.

#4 – Bondi Beach – It’s one of the iconic beaches of Australia, where people go surfing, and drinking coffee in the local beach cafes, looking at the sunset and enjoying the soft, light sand. The nature and the scenery surrounding Blondi Beach are breathtaking and dramatic.

#5 – Coogee Walk – While you’re on the Blondi Beach, you should take a stroll down the Coogee Walk, starting from the cliff top Bondi and ending on the Coogee Coastal Walk. You will be amazed by the picturesque landscape.

#6 – Australian Museum – It’s the oldest museum in Australia, famous around the world its natural history and anthropology departments. You can find it at the corner of William Street and College Street. The Australian Museum was founded in 1827 by Earl Bathurst, 191 years ago.

#7 – Sydney Aquarium – With over 700 species and more than 13,000 individual fish, the Sydney Aquarium features 14 themed displays like Great Barrier Reef, Discovery Rockpool, Jurassic Seas, Shark Walk to mention some. It’s the perfect spot for tourists and ocean lovers.

#8 – Cockatoo Island – The Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich and vibrant history. It was a convict penal establishment and one of Australia’s biggest shipyards. Today is the home of the Cockatoo Island Festival, which is a three-day music and art extravaganza.

#9 – Queen Victoria Building (QVB) – The architect George McRae designed it as a Romanesque Revival building in 1898. Today is an iconic building that stands as a vibrant reminder of the Victorian-Federation era in Australia. The architectural style and craftsmanship of the Queen Victoria Building are worth seeing.

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