Glenmore Hotel

The Glenmore Hotel has been an Aussie icon since 1921. With its colonial old English charm and character, The Glenmore has been a popular watering hole which has survived depressions, wars, plagues to name but a few and this unique slice of history is located next to one of the world’s most beautiful harbours.

The Rocks is one of the most visited areas of Sydney. It was the area of the first European settlement in 1788 and until the 1820’s was full of convicts and prostitutes. A huge transformation has taken place in the old district with the Rocks now being a major tourist area full of vibrant cafes and restaurants, shopping, heritage buildings and a lot of popular drinking holes, like the Glenmore.

The current Glenmore Hotel was built by Tooth & Co Ltd and was finished in 1921, making it one of the last surviving pre Harbour Bridge buildings in Cumberland Street north of the Cahill Expressway. The Glenmore however, originally constructed on the other side of Cumberland Street in the 1880’s but had to be moved to make way for the construction of the Harbour Bridge which commenced in 1923.

The Tooth & Co Ltd dominated the NSW hotel industry for the better part of 150 years from 1835 to 1983. Tooth & Co had what they called a “corporate image” for their hotels and beer which was designed to improve the public image of the pubs they owned by launching a consistent style of architecture, interior design and advertising during the 1920’s and 30’s. The Glenmore Hotel was constructed by Tooth & Co in this time, a robust brick building, true to the architecture of this period with a Georgian architectural style.

The Glenmore is one of a few pubs left in the Rocks which dates back to before World War 2 and still holds the charm and character it did in 1921.