Mattcutmypic (5)'s Top tips....

"Sydney is the best spot in Australia to enjoy the best hidden beaches, food & wine that Australia has to offer"
Matt's top picks from around Sydney
  1. Restaurant Hubert
  2. Bucket List Bondi
  3. Ferry to Manley
  4. Experience Fire Door where the menu is is entirely powered by wood fire.
  5. Forresters can be summed up as cold beer, hot pizzza, cockatils and burgers.
  6. Run around Centennial Park
  7. Arcadia- the best selection of beverages from the region
  8. Explore Shark Island and have a picnic on the island's foreshore.
  9. Chiswick- you can look out the window and see the ingredients used in your meal
  10. Ester the best in local produce

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