Sydney Ghost Tours – The Rocks

Take a Sydney Ghost Tour in The Rocks, one of the spookiest Sydney attractions and a memorable experience…

Enjoy a Sydney ghost tour and journey from this world to the convict colony of The Rocks and uncover eerie folklore, ghostly The Rocks Ghost Tours – Sydney tales and haunted sites along with a dark side of death, murder, hangings and hauntings of the past.

Whether it’s just for a laugh with good friends, family, a crazy hen’s night or a serious interest in the paranormal, everyone can find one of many Sydney ghost tours they like with the range of adventures on offer.

Before setting out to uncover dark Sydney histories, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The tours popularity and number restrictions means that bookings are essential.

Age limits for children are strictly adhered to for some tours, as our convict history is not always just about tall ships and Captain Cook. You will find that most guides are happy to discuss with parents whether the subject matter of the night will be suitable.

Most of the Sydney ghost tours involve walking around old sites with uneven grounds, so wear sensible closed footwear and comfortable clothes. Make sure you rug up in the colder months, as Sydney can get very cold at night. Some tours require you to bring extras, such as a torch, but all the details are provided when you book.

Importantly, don’t forget a camera. There are numerous examples of ghostly images that people have caught on camera. Who knows what new friends from the past will be turning out to meet tour guests?

After a fright night enjoying one of the many Sydney ghost tours, came and relax with us at the Harbour Rocks Hotel.