Have a magical New Year’s Eve dinner. Sydney is an idyllic city to start adventure afresh.

The starting of the New Year brings positivity, optimism and a new breeze for lucky beginnings, as we enter 2018. There is hope and happiness in every corner of Australia, but most of all, there is luxury and romance at the Harbour Rocks Hotel.
We indulge in the spirit of the holidays by creating unique events for our guests, and we invite you to indulge with us by having a fabulous New Year’s Eve dinner. Sydney’s lights will be shimmering from the windows, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Make a reservation for a unique celebration you will always cherish and remember.

You will be whisked away by the splendor of the night and the delicious cuisine prepared for you in Scarlett Restaurant. Enjoying the warm, festive setting inside the dining room. You can admire the famed waterfall of fire that comes off the Harbour Bridge and the shooting fireworks, all 80,000 of them. They are so spectacular and extravagant that the viewing radius is around 16 kilometers, and you will have one of the best seats in the house.

The typical Australian traditions start on New Year’s Eve, and they last for six days, and you can begin celebrating on this night with us at the Harbour Rocks Hotel. However, if you are in the mood for even more festivities, there is the fantastic, family Christmas day lunch.Wouldn't it be wonderful, to be filled with joy inside a beautiful restaurant, and to make a wish when the clock strikes midnight?


Choosing the picture-perfect package for you from all Sydney New Year’s Eve packages 2017.

On New Year’s Eve, Sydney becomes a beacon of fêtes and celebrations. The city is booming and flourishing with life, crowds and people that enjoy the outstanding 12-minute fireworks display broadcasted around the World. From barges on the harbor, the sails of Sydney Opera House and firing points across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you are going to see a dance of synchronized pyrotechnics across the Australian sky.

This night is one of the many reasons that Sydney is famous around the World. Welcoming the year with fireworks is a tradition that began in 1976, and for the upcoming year of 2018, the motto is “Wonder.” You can admire this extravaganza as part of your package for the special night, which is why you should choose it from all other Sydney New Year’s Eve packages 2017.

This special offer includes a six-course tantalizing meal, matched with fine Australian wines. The Scarlett Restaurant features a fanciful mix of mouthwatering traditional dishes, combined with the delicate touch of the modern trends. Our goal is to assist our guests in creating unforgettable memories and experiences, especially on New Year’s Eve.


Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sydney is an iconic event.

The first celebration of this kind in Sydney was on 31 December 1976. The first formal New Year's Eve celebration was 80 years earlier, on 31 December 1896. The Sydney Committee is mainly responsible for the big celebration you can witness today. They decided to reconstitute the Waratah Festival as the Festival of Sydney. At the first meeting, they agreed that New Year's Eve should launch the new festival.

Let’s back to 2017 and the central theme “Wonder,” which was chosen to show the vibrant mood and cultural diversity of the city. The famous artist, Nadia Hernández, will make the banners for this beautiful manifestation that has grown into a world spectacle. The 600 banners are the New Year’s branding, spread across the city, beginning in November.


Getting to know Harbour Rocks Hotel

Once upon a time, Sydney's first hospital is now our trendy boutique hotel, located in The Rocks district. We picked this perfect spot because it is only a 15-minute walk from both Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a chic neighborhood with lots of bars and restaurants around, which would be the ultimate place for a New Year’s celebration.

“Get a Club room and experience fabulous views, a large room with king bed and lovely big bathroom with all the toiletries you need. Even better, you get free access to the Club Lounge on the 30th floor with views to die for and free breakfast plus free early evening drinks and snacks. Cannot fault a single aspect of this great hotel.” Michelin Tom from the United Kingdom, on Trip Advisor

You can always book a room or a suite and extend the magic of the night. We are a 5-star hotel, with a Trip Advisor certificate of excellence for a very good reason. You can choose between:

• Heritage Room – is painted in warm traditional tones with a soft lighting, ideal for relaxing after a party.
• Heritage Superior Room – is perfect if you have a taste for the historical value, because these were the original worker’s cottages, dating back to 1870. Very spacious and featuring an ornamental fireplace, it is a romantic start to 2018.
• Heritage Deluxe Room – features an open plan design with a king size bed where you can rest peacefully after an eventful New Year’s night and wake up to beautiful Sydney vistas.
• Studio Suite – is a commodious, luxury suite where you can pamper yourself and enter the new year with style.
• Harbour View Suite –overlooks the hotel circular quay near Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House, a splendid view for

New Year’s Eve from the rooftop terrace. After the celebration, you can rest in a king-sized bed in a luxurious apartment with all of the modern, deluxe amenities.

“This is a real gem in the heart of the Rocks - just love staying here, so quaint and steeped in history, excellent staff and exceptional service. Comfortable rooms. Could not be happier and would never stay anywhere else in the Rocks - everything is right at your door.” Tanya B from Bowral, on Trip Advisor



Scarlett Restaurant is the “It spot,” where you would love to spend New Year’s Eve.

The view from the Scarlett Restaurant has great historical value, just like the colonial building itself, made from red bricks and posing as a hallmark of the district. From the windows, you will gaze upon the cobbled lanes of Nurses Walk, one of the oldest lanes in Sydney. In the olden times of colonial Australia, this was among the first hospitals set up to treat arriving convicts - marvelous view for the new year.

“If you want to eat in the area of The Rocks (just next to Circular Quay), I highly recommend this place. You can enter this restaurant via the Harbour Rocks Hotel lobby on Harrington, or I think it is easier to find from the "Nurses Walk" just downhill from Harrington Street. There were 7 of us having dinner - a high school reunion of sorts - and the management gave us a table in the back room which was mostly private. Two other couples were seated back there.

The smaller room made it easier for us to talk and catch up. The food and wine were delicious. The waiter was attentive without being at all intrusive. They handled special requests without a hitch. Brick walls and a lovely older building feeling in the main room. Painted walls in the smaller room. I had the steak (wonderful) and creme brulee with rhubarb sorbet for dessert (fabulous). Totally recommend this place. Will eat here again when I get back to Sydney.” CindyW Texas USA from Houston, Texas, on Trip Advisor

The architectural and historical lesson is that this narrow path was a favorite shortcut to the gates of the hospital. Today, it hosts the plaque devoted to nurse Lucy Osburn. Knowing the antiquity of Scarlett only makes it more charming.
Surrounded by the busy life of the district in the heart of the Rocks, the restaurant has grown into a prominent “It spot” for tourists and residents alike, which is why you should visit it in all its splendor on the grand New Year’s Eve.
The location is terrific, but the food is nothing short of perfect.

“ We stumbled across this place when pottering around The Rocks and a Small shopping arcade. It is behind Kathmandu etc. What a fabulous find. Relaxed fine dining. It is a small place but well worth a visit. We enjoyed baked scallops followed by a fabulous fillet steak and barramundi fish. Great wines and gin.

They were not expecting to be busy with just one member of staff on but the place filled up quickly, and he worked hard all night long, maintaining excellent service for a full restaurant! Highly highly recommended!” l23217 from Newcastle upon Tyne, the United Kingdom, on Trip Advisor


Introducing the menu of the famed Scarlett

Scarlett is a fusion restaurant. It combines the old and the new, just like the building in which it is located. Your dishes, six courses of them with the finest New Year’s Eve dinner Sydney can offer you, are a combination of traditional, Australian pantry with a modern twist. The dining venue is exceptional, and the food on your plate looks like an art form made from healthy, delicious ingredients.

“ The food here is outstanding.The restaurant is downstairs from the Harbour rocks hotel, Harrington Street and is in a building that was the first hospital in Sydney. I ate the Barramundi, and my husband took the steak. The food is clearly individually cooked to order, beautifully presented, and absolutely delicious.” Wendy T from Breil, France, on Trip Advisor

Let’s begin with the introduction. You can choose from baked scallops to Prawn & Lobster Raviolo if you are in the mood for a more Australian coast taste. The seafood options are varied; you could try a Cured Trout or a barramundi fillet with some coriander pesto or salmon roe caviar. The meat is cooked to perfection, with the main dishes Charcoal Beef, Duck Assiette, Trois morceaux de porc or a Fennel Veloute.

“The beef was delicious; cooked beautifully and the jus an excellent accompaniment. The vegetables were well cooked and delicious, the fries – fantastic and how glad we were having made the decision to leave off the cheese and truffle (and as always, the salt.) My preference for fries are crisp and thin and whilst weren’t thin, crisp they were and so well cooked; the best fries I have tasted in fact. I would return here for the fries alone, so well done the kitchen on taking such care to produce an often-overlooked part of the meal.” Chiepe on Trip Advisor


New Year’s Eve will not be complete without beautiful drinks to complement the enjoyable meals.

This special offer for a dinner celebration on New Year’s Eve comes with complimentary drinks with each of the six courses. The drinks menu features cocktails and beers, along with sparkling and sweet drinks. The main selection that comes with the dishes are matching red and white Australian wines, like the red Edwards Cabernet Merlot Malbec, Snake & Herring “Dirty Boots” Cabernet Sauvignon or the Plantagenet “Juxtapose” Syrah.

There is also the white wine Australian collection: the Willow Bridge Estate “Dragonfly” Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Apostrophe “Stone’s Throw” Riesling Gewürztraminer Blanc, Cherubino Riesling or the Yard Sauvignon Blanc.

“ After making the decision to treat ourselves because we had not done much for NYE for a couple of years, we settled on the Harbour Rocks Hotel's NYE dinner. Whilst all such affairs are considered pricey; we dived in. For our $499 per head, we enjoyed pre-dinner Louis Roederer NV Champagne and oysters served natural, daikon and with cucumber vinaigrette on the terrace.
Patrons were then progressively and discretely seated, so there was no crush or queuing.

We then commenced a six-course degustation menu with accompanying wines. After some initial reservations about the menu, we were pleasantly surprised at how absolutely delicious these preparations were. The different ways chefs come up with presenting and combining ingredients are endless.

Courses included a tuna tartare; fig, goat curd, and beetroot; ocean trout; veal sweetbreads; crispy pork belly and finished off with a banana brulee. Our view included a direct line of sight to the Opera House and many of the city fireworks.Well done Harbour Rocks Hotel. We will probably be back next year.” Tracois29 from Sydney, Australia, on Trip Advisor


The charming and classy ambiance of Scarlett Restaurant

The atmosphere is almost picturesque, filled with glimmering lights and shadows dancing across the walls and the faces of the people you will be dining with and celebrating a brand new adventure. This kind of luxury ambiance is what would make a New Year’s Eve part of a fairytale story. You will be talking about it for years to come and rejoice at the memory of a spectacular ending of 2017 and a classy beginning of 2018.

“Had the pork belly and my wife had the beef, and we could not decide which was better they were both unreal. The house wines were good for the price as well only $8.The lady in the restaurant was French as well as we had encountered a few French staff in the hotel.

She was very quirky, and I think an ex-sailor as she had a large navy tattoo. The sandstone walls in the restaurant are great, and the atmosphere is much better at night than in the morning for breakfast. All in all a very nice dinner.” Steph g from Cowra, Australia, on Trip Advisor

We welcome you to be a part of this experience with us and make the most of this exceptional night. Inside the restaurant and outside in Sydney, there will be a merriment that will take your breath away. Our staff is professional and friendly, and you will be provided with an excellent service.


Important details about the New Year’s Eve package that you’ll need to know

Scarlett’s Executive Chef has advanced the contemporary Australian cuisine into a fine selection of tasting plates, entrées, mains and desserts, so choosing this New Year’s package is going to be worth it. Once you purchase an e-Gift Voucher or an e-Event Tickets, you will receive one email per voucher/ticket with the voucher(s)/ticket(s) attached, Along with two or more emails for order confirmation and status.

• Upon receiving each gift voucher/event ticket, it is essential to print each voucher.
• Each voucher/ticket has a unique voucher/ticket Number.
• Each voucher/ticket will arrive as a separate email with a single voucher attached.
• Once you print each voucher/ticket, please ensure all voucher/ticker numbers are unique.
• Present each voucher/ticket to the hotel upon arriving.
• This voucher is valid for 12 months after its issue date.

This package can not be transferred to another person, and it is not cash exchanged. We will make sure you have a wonderful, jolly time in our beautiful boutique hotel and Scarlett Restaurant. The price for this event is $499.00 inc. GST.


Arrive in 2018 with style and glorious, mouthwatering dishes on your table.

Feeling spontaneous and joyful is up to our guests. We are here to take care of everything else, including the perfect artsy and scrumptious dishes, the flavored wines and the atmosphere. The prime objective is to provide you with all of the elements of an elegant celebration for the ending of the year.

Pamper yourself and purchase our special offer for New Year’s Eve dinner. Sydney in all its glory and authenticity is right outside the door; the warm festive feelings are flourishing inside the Scarlett Restaurant. There is nothing better than entering the new 2018 in good company at an impressive, luxurious place.

Book today, enjoy on New Year’s Eve.